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Entire Floor Renovation

3000J-S After
3000J-S Before
3001A After
3001A Before
3005A After
3005A Before
3007A After
3007A Before
3007A(1) After
3007A(1) Before
3024A After
3024A Before
3036A After
3036A Before
3040A After
3040A Before
3040A(1) After
3040A(1) Before
3044 After
3044 Before
3050C After
3050C Before
3055B After
3055B Before
3055F After
3055F Before
3055H After
3055H Before
3055L After
3055L Before
3060 After
3060 Before
3060 Hallway After
3060 Hallway Before
3060(1) After
3060(1) Before
3100 After
3100 Before
3100(1) After
3100(1) Before
3100D After
3100D Before
3100E After
3100E Before
3117 After
3117 Before
3118 After
3118 Before
3119 After
3119 Before
3203 After
3203 Before
B-Suite After
B-Suite Before
B-Suite(1) After
B-Suite(1) Before
Long Hallway After
Long Hallway Before
Main Elev
Main Elev
Main Elev
Main Elev
Main Elev
Main Elev
3000D Before
3000D Final
3000D(1)  Final
3000D(1) Before
3000E After
3000E Before
3000E(1) After
3000E(1) Before
3000F After
3000F Before
3000H After
3000H Before